developer & designer

Bringing new software technologies “across the chasm”.
My software development experience ranges from assembly code through agile team leadership – and I have a passion for usability design.

Skills …

Professional Software Development

Clustered filesystems management.

Development, test, and support
of distributed filesystems in Java.

Android App Development

CloudSync private cloud. Juke! speech driven music player. ScanMedia device scan.

From concept through support.

Your private cloud on Google
Usability and Visual Design

A proud contributor to Tango (>15m downloads)
branding, graphic design, and usability:

Concept, mockups, and production
using Adobe tools.

Tango Free Mobile Video Calling - Be There.
Visual Arts

Like you, I interpret the world.
Here are some of my interpretations:

Still and moving photography, digital compositing and effects, expression, interpretation.

David Cheney Imagery


  • I’ve led over 20 small teams in agile software product research and development (1999-2005).
  • I built IBM’s first web search service and served as IBM’s Search Product liaison to Research (96-99).
  • I was an early leader in web development and became IBM’s first “webmaster” before the term existed (94-95).
  • I have extensive experience in software development, largely in Java on Android, C on Linux, HTML/CSS, and TCP/IP (8x).
  • I was one of founding members of IBM’s extraordinary “Extreme Blue” program that brings students from top business and technology schools around the world to rapid innovation incubation of the creative visions of leading engineers.

David is based in beautiful Mountain View, California, where he founded David Cheney Design in 2009.

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